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Before you start tracking your order, please read the articles below


How can I track my order?

Once you received your Tracking Number, type it on to the tracking spot and click the Tracking button

Which shipping company will I pick up with?

Although there is no specific company for international shipments, you usually receive with the State Postal Service. Our suppliers will choose the best, safest and fastest way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

When will I receive my package?

This depends on external factors. That is, transport companies, bad weather or other disasters, etc. You can get an idea by reading the estimated delivery day, which is determined based on the last 60 deliveries in your area.

Track Your Package

How can I track my package?

Once the seller ships your package, you will receive a tracking number in your email. With this number you will be able to continuously monitor the progress of the delivery

My order tracking is not working

It takes a few days for your package to show up on the Global Tracking System. Try again a few days later

My order seems to be stuck in one place for a long time

An international delivery needs to go through several stages of transshipments and checks. That doesn't mean it's stuck. You will soon see the progress.

Common Problems

Shipment Cancelled

In this case the shipment was delayed due to a problem. Please Contact MSOW Support to take care everything.

Shipment sent to wrong address

Mistakes can be made. Contact MSOW Support

I received the order, but products are missing.

Maybe you ordered products from different sellers. You will receive the rest soon. You can contact MSOW Support for clarification

My package was returned to sender

A package might be returned as undeliverable for several reasons:The address is incorrect or outdated. Usually, the package is stored for a period that can vary depending on the courier who holds it and then returns it to us. Double-check the address carefully when placing your order. If you send the order to a prison, correctional facility, or other similar institution, the products and/or the carrier responsible for delivery may be subject to specific restrictions. The carrier attempted delivery but failed. Most of our carriers make more than one attempt to deliver a package. If they find that they can't successfully deliver your package, they'll return it to us. The recipient refused the delivery. A gift recipient who isn't expecting a gift may refuse a package if they believe it's being delivered to them by mistake. The address was illegible. In rare cases, address labels may become impossible to read in transit. If that happens, a carrier will return the package to us. The package was damaged in transit. If a package is damaged while it's on its way to you, the carrier may return it without attempting delivery.

My package shows as delivered, but I haven't received anything

On very rare occasions, the tracking may show as "delivered" but it looks like your package has not arrived. If your tracking information shows that your package was delivered, but you can't find it: Verify the shipping address in Your Orders. Look for a notice of attempted delivery. Look around the delivery location for your package. See if someone else accepted the delivery, unless you have health or safety concerns about doing so. Check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail. Some packages travel through multiple carriers. Wait 48 hours. In rare cases, packages may say delivered up to 48 hours before arrival. If you haven't received your package, contact us within 30 days of expected delivery. We'll do everything we can to help.

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